Incense x Santa Maria Novella

Incense x Santa Maria Novella

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The Four Seasons incenses from Santa Maria Novella. Incenses conceived and made exclusively for Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella by Shoyeido. Shoyeido is a Japanese producer of incense with a very long history. It was founded in Kyoto in 1705 and has been hand crafting incense for over three hundred years using high quality, choice ingredients. The Four Seasons incenses are available in Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter fragrance.

  • Autumn: The autumn incense has a scent that evokes the trees with colorful autumn leaves; earthy but bright, with the main notes of Indian nard and patchouli, enriched with sandalwood, aquilaria and cloves. 
  • Winter:  The winter incense evokes the warm scent that rises from the fireplace; the solemn notes of aquilaria blend with those pleasantly bitter and light notes of Borneo camphor. 
  • Spring:  The spring incense has a scent that evokes the forest; woody and earthy notes of aquilaria and nard sweetened by sandalwood and patchouli revived by cloves.
  • Summer: The summer incense has a sweet and fresh scent that evokes a summer morning; mixture of sandalwood and cloves.

Instructions: place on a diffuser, light the tip of the stick, then blow out the flame. Warning: do not leave a burning stick unattended; keep away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and animals.

Made in Italy

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