Vetiver Body Oil

Vetiver Body Oil

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This intoxicating and nourishing oil is an unbelievable skin conditioner with the subtle hints of Vetiver, Brazilian Rosewood, Bergamot, and Black Spruce. Also great for dry hair as a pre-treat to shampooing. The Vetiver product blends have intoxicating yet subtle, completely natural scents that are perfect for both men and women alike.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vetiver, Brazilian Rosewood, Bergamot, Black Spruce.

Vetiver is a holistic skin care studio based in Austin, Texas and owned by Carrie Sexton. Carrie is an esthetician of over 10 years and has curated a small batch line of products having a base note of Vetiver for grounding the soul and nourishing the skin. Vetiver is known as an anti-inflammatory, immune booster, and anxiety reliever. 

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