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Hotel Saint Cecilia Silk Scarf x Eloi

Hotel Saint Cecilia Silk Scarf x Eloi

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Starting out of construction paper cutouts, ELOI reproduces this technique onto silk twill, transcending the two-dimensional originals, yielding the ability to manipulate and experience the art in infinite, utilitarian ways. This piece was custom made for Hotel Saint Cecilia pulling from multiple pieces of design inspiration, including ceramic penny tiles, peacocks, poppies and Persian rugs alike. Silk twill, hand hemmed, 32 x 32

"The scarf is inspired by the idiosyncratic interiors of the Saint Cecilia-- the penny tiles and Persian rugs all over, incorporating some of the Saint’s love of peacocks and the celestial/saint theme with motifs like poppies and Mick Jagger's lips for a bit of rock n' roll. All of my designs are cutouts of LOTS of tiny pieces of construction paper; I move them around then layer after layer after layer until I feel satisfied with the result. There's not much order to my process!" – Paige Russell, Founder and designer of ELOI

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